We Don’t Make Sushi

A few months ago I was writing posts here on the state of my little UDK project.

Since then it’s been rather quiet on here but that’s not because the project ended. If you are following me on Twitter then you will have spotted that work was still happening but the update posts had moved home to IndieDB. The even more astute will have spotted that I have created an alter-ego for my independent game developing known as Squid In A Box.

Well Squid In A Box finally has a site!

This will be the home of all future news on my games (although the posts will be mirrored on IndieDB still) so you should all bookmark it and such.

I’m going to try and increase the amount of general games designing posts on here but there are only so many hours in the day and what hours aren’t spent in my dayjob trying to ship Enslaved are¬†usually¬†spent trying to finish Waves but you can probably expect a few musings on Crackdown 2 in the next few weeks as it will no doubt steal some of my precious free time.

In the mean time here is the last video of Waves. As you can see it’s come on quite a long way since the last one I posted here.

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  1. Jon
    Posted July 8, 2010 at 8:55 pm | Permalink

    Hey Rob,

    Spent about an hour looking over your blog and really enjoyed it. Wanted to say thanks for taking the time to document some of your thought process and how things are going. I don’t think there are enough examples of the creative process and find myself addicted to any I find. Good luck with waves it’s looking crazy awesome.


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