About Rob Hale

robhale1Rob Hale is a Videogame Designer currently living and working Cambridge. 

As well as being in a rather terrible Punk Band during his A-Levels he played alot of videogames and ran a Warhammer themed MUSH. He eventually decided to learn about Music Production but after failing his first year due to an unhealthy addiction to Baldurs Gate 2 decided to work in the Games Industry instead. 



At the start of 2002 he managed to land a Level Design job at Runecraft working on an unannounced FPS using the Unreal Engine thanks to his experience working on the Deus Ex mod Redsun 2020.

As well as working fulltime as a Level Designer (a dream come true) he did some freelance work for the Unreal Developers Network writing tutorials as Unreal began to get used more widely.



After Runecraft Rob was hired by Climax Nottingham to work on the original Warhammer Online as a Level Designer.

Working on Warhammer Online rekindled his love of online gaming and 2003 saw the start of a 5 year Eve Online career during which he pretended to be a spaceship and go pewpew alot (He is now feeling much better though).




After Warhammer Online was cancelled Rob took up the role of Lead Designer on a project titled “Theatres of War” (no relation to the strategy game of the same name).

Theatres of War was intended to be a Massively Multiplayer Online FPS game not too dissimilar to Planetside (The internal mantra was “Planetside done right”) but sadly never found a publisher.




In 2006 Rob joined Midway Newcastle to work on Wheelman and eventually became a Principle Designer taking over all of the on-foot combat elements of the game from AI and weapons to Level Design.

Due for release in March 2009 Wheelman promises to be awesome.


Rob currently works as a Ninja.