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When not to fix a bug

In most MMO’s the idea of fixing a bug is a very simple thing. Bugs are bad and there to be squashed. However as soon as you have an economy that pushes roughly $450m a year around the world you start to get into all sorts of problems.

Why Your Players Will Always Leave You

If you buy Gears of War then Epics bottom line isn’t going to be affected by you deciding to watch the football instead.

Twitter, ARGs and TV

Twitter is going to completely revolutionise the ARG and potentially change the face of Television.

MetaBalance or “The Cool Factor”

So I’ve been playing Warhammer Online. Well it was inevitable really. If only so I could find out what they’d done to a game I technically spent 18 months of my life laying the foundations for (and by that I mean developing the failed Climax version which actually has nothing in common with the Mythic […]