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Evolution Vs Intelligent Design

In ten years of games development I have never worked on a game where the resulting product paid more than a passing resemblance to what was originally designed. Such is the way with an inherently creative process like videogame design.

UDK Trailer

I have returned from a weeks holiday with a brand new eye infection (or an allergy nobody is willing to commit just yet) and as such I for once have an awesome reason for having done no new work on my UDK game. However there is more recent footage on the interwebs than my youtubes […]

The Curse of Perfectionism

I’ve been reading The Paradox of Choice again. It’s one of those books that has actually caused me to try and change the way I live my life and so far it’s turned out for the better. The argument put forward is that when faced with too much choice people will often choose nothing at […]

UDK: The Boring Bits

My UDK project is not dead. However at the moment I don’t have anything crazy awesome to show as I’m working on “The Boring Bits”. This includes the UI, Scoring and Online Scoreboards. I find procrastination tends to set in at the end of my projects because of these boring bits and because I don’t […]

UDK: More!

Good morning! This is in danger of becoming a regularity but don’t worry! I’m away for the next 2 weeks so there is no danger of this becoming a regular feature just yet. Lets start with the video: The most notable addition this week is a new enemy called a “Bumble”. Bumbles are so named […]

UDK: A Project Continues

I’ve been working on my UDK game a little bit at a time, mostly on weekends. So to update: I decided to ditch my efforts to make a physics based puzzle game for two reasons: The cap on angular velocity. I wanted to make a game where you get to blow things up. If I’m […]

UDK: A Project Begins

So a couple of weeks ago now Epic released the Unreal Development Kit and lots of people rushed to download it (some 50,000 apparently). They all then rushed to the forums to ask how you make a game. Fortunately I’m an old hand with Unreal, starting back in 2000 modding Deus Ex and then progressing […]

When not to fix a bug

In most MMO’s the idea of fixing a bug is a very simple thing. Bugs are bad and there to be squashed. However as soon as you have an economy that pushes roughly $450m a year around the world you start to get into all sorts of problems.

Eve is Liquid Win

This fanmade video representing a key part of Eve Onlines large backstory (essentially the start of the Caldari/Gallente war) is absolutely amazing. It was made possible by one very dedicated player and CCP’s immense support by allowing him access to their own machinma tools. Day of Darkness II from Dire Lauthris on Vimeo. It is […]

Failure and Learning

There is a belief that a good game never punishes players and only rewards them. It’s a belief that often causes debate amongst Designers because the phrase is usually reinterpreted to mean “The player must never fail.” and this couldn’t be more wrong. Failure does not equal Punishment and in fact Failure is an intrinsic […]