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Flow – Stating The Obvious

Common sense is wonderful. It only ever gets applied in hindsight or the third person.

So when I tell you that games are at their most fun when your skills are in equilibrium with the Challenge you face you’ll scoff and claim that it’s just Common Sense.

Continuity Level Design

 Over There. by San Sharma Continuity Level Design is a school of Level Design predominantly used by Single Player games.  Recent examples include Portal, Mirrors Edge and Call of Duty 4.  Now it’s worth pointing out that the phrase “Continuity Level Design” is something I’ve just made up (well at least as far as I’m […]

TF2 Adds Crowd Control

After a quick lunchtime session I can confirm that right now I don’t think the stun effect is Overpowered at all. The difficulty of actually pulling it off versus the lost utility by carrying the Sandman has pretty much balanced it out.

It is however Annoying.