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Link Round-Up

It’s Friday and frankly I’m too tired to post anything too thoughtful.  The week has been an interesting one with RPS linking to my Level Design piece on Sunday which made a complete mess of my my stats graph by putting a big spike in the middle. However this is a link round-up so here […]

Flow – Stating The Obvious

Common sense is wonderful. It only ever gets applied in hindsight or the third person.

So when I tell you that games are at their most fun when your skills are in equilibrium with the Challenge you face you’ll scoff and claim that it’s just Common Sense.

Age of Conan – How Not to Market Your MMO

So knowing that your players will leave you it’s important that you replace them. Constantly.

How do you replace these players? Advertising. Marketting. Special Offers. Anything. You need to keep your game constantly at the front of the media.

Why Your Players Will Always Leave You

If you buy Gears of War then Epics bottom line isn’t going to be affected by you deciding to watch the football instead.

MetaBalance or “The Cool Factor”

So I’ve been playing Warhammer Online. Well it was inevitable really. If only so I could find out what they’d done to a game I technically spent 18 months of my life laying the foundations for (and by that I mean developing the failed Climax version which actually has nothing in common with the Mythic […]