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The Curse of Perfectionism

I’ve been reading The Paradox of Choice again. It’s one of those books that has actually caused me to try and change the way I live my life and so far it’s turned out for the better. The argument put forward is that when faced with too much choice people will often choose nothing at […]

Gut Feelings: A Review

The Conclusions are very convincing and I finished the book happier in the knowledge that I could apply what I had just learnt not just to my work (more on that in a moment) but to my everyday life.

Failure and Learning

There is a belief that a good game never punishes players and only rewards them. It’s a belief that often causes debate amongst Designers because the phrase is usually reinterpreted to mean “The player must never fail.” and this couldn’t be more wrong. Failure does not equal Punishment and in fact Failure is an intrinsic […]

Critical Analysis of Game Design

I am currently reading Gut Feelings: Short Cuts to Better Decision Making¬†by Gerd Gigerenzer. If you’ve ever Read Blink (or even if you haven’t) then I recommend this book as it deals with the concept of intuition, instinct and the unconscious in a much more detailed way. I’d argue that you can completely bypass Blink […]

Link Round-Up

It’s Friday and frankly I’m too tired to post anything too thoughtful.¬† The week has been an interesting one with RPS linking to my Level Design piece on Sunday which made a complete mess of my my stats graph by putting a big spike in the middle. However this is a link round-up so here […]